Summer Hair Protection: Keeping Your Locks Healthy Under the Aussie Sun


Sun-Kissed Days, Healthy Hairways

As the temperature rises and the sun shines brightly in Melbourne, it’s time to embrace the joys of summer. However, with the scorching Australian sun, our hair often faces the brunt of UV damage and dryness. Fear not! At Amarah & Co. Hair Studio, we are your summer hair saviours, here to share expert tips and product recommendations that will keep your locks healthy and vibrant throughout the hot summer days. From the benefits of professional hair treatments to a comprehensive hair care guide, we’ve got you covered for the ultimate summer hair protection.

Understanding UV Damage and Summer Hair Woes

Unravelling the Impact of UV Rays on Hair:
Delve into the science of UV damage, understanding how prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can weaken and fade your hair.

The Summer Hair Struggles: Dryness, Fading, and Frizz:
Explore the common hair challenges faced during summer, including dryness, colour fading, and frizz, and how to combat them effectively.

The Power of Sunscreen for Your Hair:

Introduce readers to the concept of hair sunscreen and its importance in protecting hair from harmful UV rays.

Professional Hair Treatments for Summer Hair Care

Revive Your Tresses with Keratin Infusion:
Discover the transformative effects of Amarah & Co’s Keratin Infusion Treatment, which locks in moisture, reduces frizz, and shields hair from UV damage.

Hydration Heaven: Deep Conditioning for Nourishment:
Explore the benefits of Amarah & Co’s Intensive Hydrating Mask, a deep conditioning treatment that replenishes moisture and repairs summer-damaged locks.

Cooling the Scalp: Signature Summer Scalp Treatment:
Introduce the Signature Scalp Rejuvenation Treatment at Amarah & Co. Hair Studio, designed to soothe and protect the scalp from sun exposure.

Summer 3

Your Ultimate Summer Hair Care Guide

The Magic of Leave-In Spray:
Highlight the benefits of leave-in spray, such as Detangle My Hair Leave In Spray, which provide continuous moisture and protection throughout the day.

Styling with Sun Care: Heat Protection Essentials:
Guide readers on using heat protectants like Evo Icon Welder Heat Protection to shield hair from UV damage during styling.


Hair Care Rituals at Home

DIY Hair Masks for Deep Hydration:

Share easy-to-make DIY hair masks using natural ingredients to nourish and revive sun-exposed hair.

Oil Treatments for Extra Nourishment:

Recommend hair oil treatments, like Amarah & Co’s Nourishing Repair Oil, to combat dryness and add shine to summer-stressed tresses.


Happy Hair, Happy Summer!

With our expert tips and specially curated products, you can now confidently embrace the summer sun without worrying about the health of your hair. From the revitalising benefits of professional hair treatments to a personalised summer hair care guide, Amarah & Co. Hair Studio has your back. Book a free consultation today to experience the magic of summer-ready, healthy locks. Let us be your go-to destination for all your summer hair protection needs.

Ready to protect your hair from the Aussie sun? Book a free consultation at Amarah & Co. Hair Studio now to kickstart your summer hair care journey. Visit our website to schedule your appointment online and step into a season of vibrant, sun-kissed locks!

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