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We're a full-service salon

At Amarah&Co Hair Studio we provide a luxe salon environment for all of our guests with world-class hairdressing services.

​Come in and let us pamper you. You can relax in our salon with a wide range of complimentary beverages and snacks to choose from, all whilst relaxing in your chair getting your much needed ‘me’ time. Your happiness is our happiness and we can’t wait to meet you!


Experience the artistry of our professional haircuts that are tailored to your unique style and preferences. Our skilled hairstylists are dedicated to creating impeccable cuts that not only suit your face shape and hair type but also reflect your personality. From classic to contemporary, our haircut services guarantee a fresh and confident look that will leave you feeling fabulous.
Brunette Specialist Cranbourne
Ladies Haircuts 
Fringe Cut  – From 20.00
Ladies Dry Cut short – From 60.00
Ladies Dry Cut Medium – From 65.00
Ladies Dry Cut Long – From 70.00
Ladies wash, Cut & style Short  – From  75.00
Ladies wash, Cut & style Medium – From  85.00
Ladies wash, Cut & style Long – From  95.00
Kids Cuts 
Kids Cuts – From 25.00
Mens Cut 
Mens Tint – From 100.00
Mens Hair Cut – From 30.00


Elevate your hair’s allure with our exquisite hair foils services. Our expert colourists delicately apply foils to create stunning highlights or lowlights that add depth, dimension, and radiance to your hair. Whether you’re seeking a subtle sun-kissed glow or a bold transformation, our skilled team will personalise your foils to enhance your natural beauty and leave you with a head-turning and luminous result.

Ladies Foils  
Foils   – 1/4 Part line (incl Toner) – From100.00
Foils   – 1/2 foils (incl Toner) – From140.00
Foils   – 1/2 Head + Roots (incl Toner)r – From180.00
Foils   – Full Head (Including Toner) – From200.00
Brunette Specialist Cranbourne

Hair Highlights & Colouring

Ladies Colour 
Full Tint/Semi/ All over Colour  – From140.00
Re-Growth /semi/Tint – From90.00
On Scalp Lighter & Toner – From130.00
Toner – Toner and Blowwave  – From100.00
Toner – Toner, Cut Blowwave – From120.00
Toner – Toner,Cut,Bw +(Treatment) – From130.00
Perm – From250.00
Ladies Ombre 
Ombre- (Including Toner) – From220.00
Ombre- (incl Toner) Wash, cut & style Medium – From295.00
Ombre- (incl Toner) Wash, cut & style Long hair – From310.00
Ladies Balayage 
Balayage- (Including Toner)  – From220.00
Balayage- (incl Toner) Wash, cut & style  Medium – From295.00
Balayage – (incl Toner) Wash, cut & style Long hair – From305.00

Discover the artistry of hair highlights and colouring at our salon. Our skilled colourists craft personalised solutions that bring out your unique style and personality. Whether you’re craving natural sun-kissed highlights, rich and vibrant hues, or trendy statement colours, we use high-quality products to achieve the perfect look while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. Let us infuse your locks with captivating shades that reflect your inner beauty and confidence.

Brunette Specialist Cranbourne


Brunette Specialist Cranbourne
Indulge in luxurious hair treatments that rejuvenate and revitalise your locks. Our salon offers a range of professional treatments tailored to your hair’s specific needs, whether it’s deep hydration, repair, or nourishment. From keratin treatments that smooth and strengthen to deep conditioning masks that restore vitality, our expert stylists use premium products and techniques to ensure your hair looks and feels its best. Experience the transformative power of our hair treatments and embrace hair that radiates health and beauty.
Express treatment – From35.00
Olaplex treatment 50.00
Olaplex treatment- (Includes take home treatment) – From90.00
Detox cleanse 90.00
Keratin Smoothing – From400.00
Goldwell Colour Remover 70.00

Blowwave / Styling

Elevate your look with our expert blowwave and styling services. Whether you’re seeking a sleek and polished finish or beachy waves that capture the essence of summer, our skilled stylists will bring your vision to life. With attention to detail and a keen eye for the latest trends, we create hairstyles that complement your personality and occasion. From special events to everyday glam, trust us to deliver flawless styling that turns heads and boosts your confidence. Step into our salon and experience the artistry of blowwaves and styling that truly speaks to you.

Ladies Styling 
Braids – From           70.00
Blowwave/Straighten           55.00
Blowwave/Straighten Long           70.00
Blowwave/ Curls           60.00
Blowwave/ Curls Long           75.00
add wash           15.00
Ladies Styling 
Braids – From           70.00
Blowwave/Straignten             55.00
Blowwave/Straignten Long             70.00
Blowwave/ Curles            60.00
Blowwave/ Curles Long            75.00
add wash            15.00
Blonde Specialist Cranbourne

Hair Extensions

Brunette Specialist Cranbourne

Transform your hair dreams into reality with our premium hair extensions services. Whether you desire length, volume, or a touch of glamour, our expert stylists are here to seamlessly blend and apply extensions that match your natural hair texture and colour perfectly. Experience a world of versatility as you enjoy the freedom to experiment with new looks and styles. Our commitment to quality ensures that your extensions are comfortable, undetectable, and long-lasting. From subtle enhancements to dramatic makeovers, let us create a stunning, head-turning result that exceeds your expectations. Embrace the beauty of fuller, more luxurious hair with our exceptional hair extensions services.

Removal  – From350.00
Half Head (1) – From600.00
Full Head (2) – From750.00

Your Experience Is Our Guarantee

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Before we get started on any client we ask thorough questions to ensure we UNDERSTAND you and what you want making sure we deliver you the hair of your dreams! Not sure what you want? Come in for a FREE consultation! Whilst your in store check out our range of products. Shop from our exclusive brands including: Olaplex, Eleven, Evo, Muk and more.

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